Bear Sanctuary

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come"

President of Arosa Tourism, Pascal Jenny, quotes from Victor Hugo to describe the Bear Sanctuary。

Until now, it was the red squirrels who ruled the roost in Arosa

That was undisputed. They were all called Hansi, they all looked identical and they were delighted if you brought them a few nuts. "Come on, Hansi!" The cute little creatures would come close, and, with a bit of patience, you could always persuade them to eat out of your hand.

But in 2018 no-one is talking about squirrels any more; this year bears definitely hold all the trump cards in Arosa. The Bear Sanctuary is due to open in summer, barely a year after work to create it began last August. Five bears are due to move in there. They even have names already: Jöri, Gian, Ella, Beni and Lili. Above all, they also have a lovely home: the animal-friendly sanctuary covers about 2.8 hectares in the beautiful natural surroundings of Arosa. The Bear Sanctuary will provide a new home for brown bears that have been treated inhumanely but have been rescued from their miserable conditions by the international animal welfare organisation, FOUR PAWS. Isn't that fantastic news!

From summer 2018 it will no longer be a project but a reality and a top holiday experience

For all our visitors, old and young, the Arosa Bear Sanctuary will offer an exciting and informative insight into the lives of bears. So, to sum up, it's perfect for the bears, interesting for people, beneficial from the point of view of animal welfare and profitable for the tourist industry. The Arosa Bear Sanctuary – the ultimate win-win project.