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What could be better after a busy day on holiday than to savour some moments of relaxation in the Spa centre? With our extensive and comprehensive spa services, we can cater for all your individual needs. Choose from a wide range of pampering sessions and beauty treatments. Our expert wellness team will be happy to advise you in person. 

 Our Spa Centre

In our spa, covering over 700 m2, you'll find an indoor pool, steam bath, bio-sauna, cold pools and massage baths. If you are sporty by nature, you can burn off some energy in the Fitness centre with its 12 strength training machines, or in the sports hall.


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Massage Wellnesshotel Arosa

Classical massage

Whole-body 50 min. 102.–
Whole-body with pine oil 50 min. 112.–

Partial-body 25 min. 62.–

Combi-massage: Back and foot reflex zones massage 50 min. 102.–

Aroma Massage Sunstar Hotel Arosa

Aroma massage

The aromas of essential oils bring your body, soul and mind into harmony.

50 min. CHF 112.00

Wellness and Massages Sunstar Hotel Arosa

Foot reflex zones massage

Stimulation of pressure points; to balance energy flow and support the self-healing process.

50 min. CHF 102.00

Wellness Sunstar Hotel Arosa

Lymphatic drainage

Gentle stroking massage stimulates the removal of excess fluid in the tissues.

50 min. CHF 102.00

Wellness and Massages Sunstar Hotel Arosa

Facial massage

To relieve and alleviate the pain of migraine or headache.

25 min. CHF 62.00

Wellness Sunstar Hotel Arosa

Lomi Lomi Nui

It is called the queen of massage. Lomi meant press, knead, rub. Nui is called importantly, singularly, largely.

The age-old massagetechnic Lomi Lomi Nui served the Hawaiians for the physical, emotional and mental cleaning. Precious warm oils become in the change of gentle and strong grasps rub in.

90 min. CHF 198.00

Massage Sunstar Hotel Arosa

La Stone ®

Whole-body massage with hot & cold stones; balance of the energy fields.

90 min. CHF 188.00

Scen Tao Massage Sunstar Hotel Arosa

Scen Tao

Asian whole-body treatment with hot stones.

90 min. CHF 188.00


Wirkt durchblutungsfördernd, anregend, löst Hautschuppen.

Babor-Peeling Cream 25 Min. 50.00
• mit Hautpflege 50 Min. 69.00

(mit schäumendem Duschgel) 25 Min. 50.00
• mit Hautpflege 50 Min. 69.00

Wellness Sunstar Hotel Arosa

Herbal compress massage

Whole-body treatment with warm herbal compresses. Activates self-healing mechanisms and regulates the acid-base balance.

90 min. CHF 188.00


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