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The Indoor Fun Park in Arosa

 Excitement for all ages

When the rain is bucketing down again, outdoor adventures really aren't much fun, even with the right clothing. Your teenager is in a mood and your toddler is getting grizzly... That's when the Indoor Fun Park at the Sunstar Hotel Arosa is the perfect place to save your family holiday in Arosa from literally being a washout.

In the sports hall formerly occupied by indoor tennis courts, youngsters of all ages will be in their element: making up crazy stories about dolls and soft toys, or clambering up the climbing wall and sliding back down again, or demonstrating their acrobatic skills on the unicycle. Meanwhile, their parents can enjoy a quiet break with coffee and snacks up in the gallery.

But maybe Mum and Dad want to have a go as well: the Ninja Warrior circuit is a chance for everyone to prove their agility, speed and stamina – children aged 10 and over, teenagers and the young at heart.

Why not explore the many highlights for yourself – not only hotel residents are welcome in the Fun Park but other visitors as well. In fact, anyone who can never have too much excitement!

Opening hours

The Indoor Fun Park is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm.


Free of charge for hotel guests!

0 to 2 yrs 


3 to 9 yrs     

CHF 12.00

10 to 17 yrs

CHF 24.00

For external accompanying adults

CHF 6.00

18 yrs and older

CHF 30.00


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